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Lee Water-Infra Analytics
Group Members

Diego Martínez García
Diego Martínez García is a research assistant in the Lee Drinking Water Infra Analytics Group and a Master´s student in Engineering at SJSU. He earned a Civil Engineering degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and additionally completed a Specialty in Environmental Engineering. During his degree, he focused on wastewater reuse potential for agriculture in Mexico. He was offered the opportunity to participate in a summer program organized by Veolia in France where the group was able to discover a wide range of solutions related to water and solid waste management in European cities. He has worked at the Treatment and Reuse Group at the Institute of Engineering – UNAM where he collaborated in studies related to water treatment for aquifer recharge, estimation of greenhouse gasses emissions at wastewater treatment facilities and laboratory operation of a treatment pilot plant for water indirect reuse. His current work focuses on a water mains replacement program by using GIS modeling and the impacts of hydraulic transients in water infrastructure. 
Sathya Geetha Ganesan, Ph.D.
Dr. Sathya Geetha Ganesan is a research associate in Lee Drinking Water Infra Analytics Group. Her background spans the fields of Industrial solid waste management, biotechnology of natural indigenous microorganisms, Renewable biofuel production, bio-energy from municipal and agro-based industrial solid waste Modern composting, Pilot scale Biogas plant techniques and pollution control.  Drawing on a broad range of experience including Potable water analysis, Wastewater treatment, and air pollution control measures during her researches. She has obtained her Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Centre for Environmental Studies, Anna University, India.  M.Phil. in Biotechnology from Bharathidasan University, India and B.Sc. in Microbiology from Periyar University, India. She pursues her Masters in Civil and Environmental Engineering at San Jose State University.  She is a University Grant Commission (UGC) qualified Lecturer in India.  She worked as a Lecturer for one year in Periyar University, India and as an Assistant Professor for 9 years in Velalar college of Engineering and Technology, India. During her work, she has supervised many student projects in the field of Water and waste water treatment technologies, Air pollution control measures, Solid waste handling and managements, Limnological studies and Biotechnology in Environmental remediation. She is a member of (ISTE) Indian Society of Technical Education. She has made over 10 presentations at various National and International Conferences and Technical meets.  Dr. Sathya Geetha Ganesan's current work focus on water mains integrity program using GIS modeling. 
Gamze Gungor Demirci, Ph.D.
Dr. Gungor Demirci is a researcher in Lee Drinking Water Infra Analytics Group. She received her B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the Department of Environmental Engineering at Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey.  During her Ph.D. study, she conducted a one-year-long research in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA with a distinguished fellowship from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. Her research interests include optimization and modelling of environmental systems, groundwater hydrology and pollution control, water quality management and renewable energy. Dr. Gungor Demirci’s current works focus on developing multi-objective decision model framework for water utility management and applying multi-criteria decision making tool to preference analysis of bottled versus tap water.

Student Research Projects

MS Student Research Projects
Andrea Bautista (Spring 2016) - Optimal Replacement of Water Mains
Jose Oropeza (Fall 2015) - Estimating Energy Use from Water Systems in SJSU
Brandon Woods (Spring 2015) - Water Quality Analysis using Intervention Analysis
Jon Marshall (Spring 2015) - Hydraulic Transients in Contra Costa Water District
Chris Mar (Spring 2015) - Pipe Network Optimization using EPANET linked with Matlab
Shari Carlet (Spring 2015) - Water Demand Analysis in Palo Alto, CA
Madeline Baker (Fall 2014) - Pipe Network Optimization using EPANET linked with Matlab
E.Eiesner-Streller (Fall 2014) - Historical Review of Water Price
Long Phi Hoang (Fall 2014) - Application of SVM for Water Demand Forecasting
Yi Ying Huang (Fall 2014) - Pipe Network Optimization using EPANET linked with Matlab
Sujan Maharjan (S & F 2012) - Hourly Water Demand in High-Rise Building
Stephanie Tanverakul (S & F 2012) - Water Demand Analysis in California
Rafael Lopez (Spring 2011) - Application of EIO-LCA for Plumbing Materials
Tim Hampton (Spring 2010) - Practical Planning and Management for Water Infrastructure
Poyom Riles (Spring 2009) - Case Study: Application of HEC-RAS
Abdullah Fayyz (Fall 2008) - Hydraulic Transients Analysis at Water Mains
Undergraduate Student Research Projects
Matheus Seveino (Sum 2015) Drinking Water Infrastructure & Flushing Issues
Alessandra Siqueira (Sum 2015) Drinking Water Infrastructure & Flushing Issues
Wallace Gomes (Sum 2015) Drinking Water Infrastructure & Flushing Issues
Carolina Castro (Sum 2015) Drinking Water Infrastructure & Flushing Issues
Caio Alves (Sum 2015) Drinking Water Infrastructure & Flushing Issues
Matheus Correa (Sum 2015) Drinking Water Infrastructure & Flushing Issues
Milena Albuquerqe (Sum 2015) Drinking Water Infrastructure & Flushing Issues
Ryan Barker (Fall 2013) Water Conservation related LEED Standard
Vincent Castaneda (Spring 2013) Case Study: Applicatino of EPA SWMM
Angela Ruberto (Spring 2012) Water-Energy Nexus Issues in San Jose State University
Yonatan Tan (Spring 2012) Case Study: Application of Global Climate Model (GCM)
Aldo Reyes (Fall 2011) Case Study: Application of EPA SWMM
Uriel Ortiz (Fall 2011) Case Study: Application of HEC-HMS
Zhen Wang (Spring 2011) Case Study: Water Demand Analysis
Yansen Hendra (Fall 2010) Hydraulic Transients at Service Lines
Khanh Huynh (Fall 2010) Gaseous Cavitation at Service Lines
Charles Luk (Spring 2010) Hydraulic Transients at T-Junctions
Thanhphong Doan (Fall 2009) Hydraulic Transients Analysis at Water Mains